Single Body Bridge

Our bridge which is used for moving X and Y axis is made as a single body.Thus we can acquire very high strength values.Also with this single body structure we are able to machine all the faces with one reference.This method decrease the machining based failures to minimum levels.

Single Body
X-Z Axis Bracket

Same method we used for bridge body is also applied on X-Z axis bracket.This bracket is used for mounting X-Z axis servos. Machining by using one reference leads us to perfect final dimension tolerances.After all this operations completed we check our parts with CMM devices which is the most precise dimension checking system.With the tolerance of +/- 0,04 mm of this device we are sure of the results we get

CMM Measuring

The most precise measure checking system CMM is being used by KSG High Tech on every steps of CNC Router production.We are checking all of the precise machined parts with our CMM device FARO Arm and only send the parts to assembly line with approval of our quality assurance employees.

Welding Robot Usage

Welding operations should be used for many CNC router parts.With the help of robot welding we always keep heat input and penetration at the desired level.While penetration is important for high strength structure on the other hand heat input level is essential for avoiding from internal stresses and part distortion.All of our welding robots is FANUC branded which we choose to use for our CNC Routers as servos and servo drives.

Precise Machining

KSG High Tech’s single body and high precision machining processes are guarenteed with our highly developed machine park.With the help of long axis capacity CNC machines we are able to machine our CNC routers with high accuracy.

Composite Material-Design

For long lasting machines , moving parts should have high strength and possible lowest weight.In addition to all of our improvements we also choosed to use composite material for spindle cover.This way we could get a significant stress reduction over moving parts.Also with our registered and unique industrial design we aim to add value to our customers workshops.

Vacuum System

Vacuum system is one of the key properties for wood machining.Apart from other manufacturers we use 20 mm ST52 degree carbon steel for our machining tables.With this improvement our vacuum system will answer all of our customers needs.And as a virtue high strength material selection gives us a very low vibration during usage of our CNC Routers.

High Strenth-Low Frequency

Our design processes are all shaped by stress analyses.With single body and low frequence design of bridge component and thick profile used main chassis we acquired mininum vibration during machining and high strength.Also ST 52 degree machining table helps us about those matters.


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